Annual Reports

The following annual reports give a good picture of three essential aspects of the school’s performance: How is the Principal doing, as perceived by the community; how is the school doing as presented by the Principal, and what do the external testing results say about student progress? You will find annual reports on these areas below.

School Principal Review

The Board of Highlands Christian Grammar School is committed to a high quality and nurturing environment for its faculty, staff and students. To monitor that, the Board conducts a review annually of the Principal’s performance, with input from Board members, Parents, Faculty, Staff and Students. These inputs are tabulated into annual reports and are available to members of the community on request.

Principal’s Report – AGM

As a corporate entity, Highlands Christian Grammar School is required by law to have an Annual General Meeting. This is essentially a Board meeting that is open to the general membership. This meeting is where new Board members are elected, financial reports are presented, and reports are presented by the Principal and by the Board pertaining to the overall progress of the school.

HCG PAT Results

Highlands Christian Grammar School runs a battery of third-party benchmark tests to assist in determining the overall effectiveness of our teaching program, our resources and of the learning taking place in our school. Standardised tests have their limitations, but they are useful in year-over-year comparisons and in determining if there are weaknesses in any of these areas. The annual reports of the PATs are mainly to help the school focus on areas of weakness.