Our wonderful families and students are a big part of why our school is what it is. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

I started school there in 2009 and since then have achieved high goals to this date. Because of the endless support and encouragement I had during my schooling at Highlands Christian Grammar, I have been doing exceptionaly well here at Redlynch State College. It was a bit of an adjustment comming from a small school of 60+ students to over 1800 students. It took me a while to figure out how the system worked here with moving to different classes and all but I eventually got used to it. The work in mathematics was a surprise, seeing that the activities and topics I am doing here is what we did in semester two of last year with you. It was a direct stream on to the things we are doing here. For example Pythagoras and Trigonometry, to name name a few. Science is also one of my highest scoring subjects at RSC. The things students here at RSC covered last year were a bit more practical and more in depth to what we covered last year with Mrs Pilamp, but I was able to pick up fast taking out top of the class for Semester One as a whole. Enough about me. I want to thank the school staff, teachers, students, board members and the HCG community as a whole for giving me the knowledge and insight to prepare me for my studies in Australia. A down side to Redlynch is that the school is not a religious school and there are a lot of people who are really ignorant to school rules, guidelines and the overall respect to teachers and staff. I found this Really shocking because we were always taught to be respectful to elders and one another. Overall Highlands Christian Grammar has been a great starting point to my primary and secondary schooling. I hope this has helped you in a way. 🙂

Simaema V Wickham, Cairns, Australia

From a parent …

Recently I attended a parent/teacher interview at the school our daughter is now attending and was so happy with our duaghter’s achievements to date. Academically, she was rated one of the top students in the Year 9 classes. I was told her behaviour was excellent and her overall performance/achievements were beyond that of an ongoing student.

I give glory to God and I believe that HCG equipped her with what she needed to prepare her transition into this school. What she learnt there has truly helped her adjust easily to what is taught here. She is forever grateful to HCG for preparing her well for her studies abroad.

I too will always be thankful to you and your hardworking staff and not forgetting late Joy Pryor and Elisa Cramb for being part of her education and all your contributions whilst there resulting in her achievements to date.

It is our prayer that many more children are drawn to our God given, Highlands Christian Grammar School, because they will surely appreciate what it takes to breed academic excellence and spiritual growth into their children through the grace of God there.

Highlands Christian Grammar is a school of excellence. Teachers are very committed and cooperative, and work well under pressure. The level of the school is easily comparable to Australian standards in regard to the program and assessments. I would highly recommend this school to the community for a quality education.
-Esther (teacher), 2015


Christian School Records Highest Assessment Marks

HIGHLANDS Christian Grammar students in Mt. Hagen have recorded their highest scores in the Progress Assessment Tasks. The results are compared to students in Australia.

Principal Elissa Cramb congratulated all the students, staff and parents for the results.  “Our students are performing at the highest level we have seen in the school’s history,” Cramb said.

“All of our students are average or above in spelling, 85% can read and understand average or above average texts, 82% have average or above English vocabulary and a staggering 94% are average or above with mathematics problem solving compared to Australian students.

“We are proud of our students’ achievements. These results show just how Papua New Guinean students can perform on the world stage when given a quality learning environment.”

Cramb attributed the good results to the dedication of teachers, the students’ hard work and the parents’ support for their children’s learning. Highlands Christian Grammar comes under the Baptist Union of PNG.  It has small class sizes and uses Australian curriculum for English, Maths and Science. It uses PNG curriculum for Social Sciences and Personal Development.

The school caters for students from preschool to Year Eight.

Article published on The National – Wednesday, November 12, 2014

As a parent of one student who has successfully completed her year 8 education at HCGS, I can say that the standards at the school are really excellent. The quality of education is high in all areas, and that has enabled my daughter to excel in her next school. The fact that God is at the centre of the education at HCGS makes the school even stronger and a great choice for your child’s education.

My daughter attended Highlands Christian Grammar School as one of the pioneer students from 2009 to 2012. Her grade 10 National Examination results were extraordinary in that she scored straight Distinctions in all the seven subjects studied. Five of which were High Distinctions.

I feel this is attributable to:

  • the quality education at HCG;
  • Christian Studies taken as a compulsory subject with daily prayer and devotions;
  • Character Building and Discipline developed by experienced Christian teachers through the Word of God;
  • Godly influence imposed at home.

The foundation blocks were laid right with proper teaching and Godly influence which allowed her to build on to score very high results.

Parents should not hesitate to send their children to Highlands Christian Grammar as it is a great school, and you will see your child prosper both emotionally and spiritually.                 -Camillus Kumbi, 2015


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