People and relationships matter more than structures, power and control.  We place a high value on family life and strive to ensure that individuals including staff, students and parents within our community feel valued, recognised and experience compassion.

Some projects that the school are involved in, by way of building community are:

Aunty Rosa’s Orphanage

Students from the middle and upper primary classes, created hand made Christmas cards, which were sold to raise funds for Aunty Rosa’s Orphanage.  Aunty Rosa is a local woman with a heart for children.  She and her husband have about 50 children living with them and some 200 children come and go for food during the week.  Many of these children are orphaned due to HIV/AIDS related illness, which is a growing concern for PNG.

Supporting Rural Baptist Schools

HCG is committed to community by financially supporting Development and Ministry work in remote communities in PNG through the work of the Baptist Union of PNG.

Community Service
Operation Pothole – Follow this Dropbox link for pictures and video interviews.

Solar Phone Chargers – Students have been selling Solar Mobile Phone Chargers as a fundraiser for sports equipment.


HCG Open Day 2009

Kumbareta Primary School

Opening of teacher housing at Dalapana Primary School.