Social Science
Planet Ark
World Wildlife Fund Campaigns
Clean up the world

Grade 6 – add, subtract, multiply
Grade 7 & 8 – all operations 
Fractions division 
Fractions division 2
Fraction multiplication
Fraction multiplication 2
Fraction subtraction
Fraction subtraction 2
Fraction Addition

Transformations – Part 1
Transformations – Part 2 enlargement 
Grade 8 Pythagoras theorem 

Coordinates Gr 6
Coordinates Gr 6 & 7
Plotting algebra equations 
Plotting equations 2
Plotting linear equations – Zogs 
Algebra and graphing 

Area of triangles

Percentage game
Math at the mall
Shopping at Troy’s toys
Percentages (demo)
Wise park (100 grid)
Mission magnetite
Penguin water
Percentage game (100 grid)
Order of operations
Exploring order of operations – explore it
Exploring order of operations – use it
Math frog – order of operations

Distributive Law and Cartesian Planes
Video distributive law
Graphing linear equations
Ordered pair solutions to linear equations
Coordinate plane
Number lines

Grade 6 – Battle ships
Number line
Decimals on number line
Decimals on number line (negative numbers)
Fractions on number line 1
Fractions on number line
Venn Diagrams
Venn Diagrams
More Venn Diagrams

Courageous people throughout history

Music downloads

Complex sentences
Prepositional phrases
Inference game
More inference

The Ashton Family
Australian Story
Australian Story – When words fail (week 3 reading)
The way we get by
Sarah’s Parvana blog
Taylah’s Parvana blog

Social science
Australian Government
Video – What is Parliament (Australia)
Video – About Parliament – The senate (Australia)
Video – About Parliament – The House of Representatives (Australia)
UNHCR Convention on Refugees

Information on PNG
Provinces of PNG
Colonial Map of PNG
Another Colonial Map of PNG
Flag of PNG