HCG is a Christian learning community, built upon a strong Christian foundation, where everyone is appreciated for who God created him or her to be.  The school serves students from Early Learning (EL) (in some learning communities this is better known as Pre-School and Kindergarten) to Year

At Highlands Christian Grammar School, we strive to challenge students to explore and understand the world, not only academically but from a Christian worldview and within an international environment that promotes Christian Community.

From the Principal

Education is a gift, like a key to a treasure chest. But like a key, it has to be polished, protected and maintained in order for it to be useful to unlock the future.

At the core of Christian education, we believe that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of all true knowledge and wisdom. This is not a fear as in being afraid of God, but an awe and respect. That is the approach we take to education at Highlands Christian Grammar School: education allows us to explore this incredible universe that God has created for His glory, and in the process of that, He gives us the privilege of being able and beneficial servants in the places He puts us. That’s an awesome exchange!

Like my predecessors, I am passionate about providing quality education to all children.

My vision is to work with you as parents and community members to cultivate…

A love of learning
Who hasn’t observed the delight that curious youngsters show in new discoveries of the world? How can the stars hang in space, and how can they be bigger than the sun? How do plants spring from seeds in all their variety? Learning lights a spark within each of us; a school’s role is to fan the fire.

A passion for excellence 
An education where each is encouraged to reach the full potential God has given is challenging and fulfilling. High expectations, coupled with modelling, produce high outcomes for student learning.

Servant leaders
Each student has intrinsic preciousness as a uniquely created individual. Not all will become public figures or famous leaders, but an attitude of being eager to benefit those around is of immeasurable benefit wherever it is found. 

Mr. Emmanuel Sarsalejo (Philippines)

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We love our families – our students – our community – and we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.